Competitive E-Commerce Data Unequalled in Scope

The all-new and completely updated 2014 Second 500 Guide can be accessed in online database format through a subscription to®, the world's largest repository of competitive e-commerce information. Featuring current and historical web sales and rankings as well as marketing, operating, financial and performance data on the 500 mid-market e-retailers in North America ranked 501-1,000, the database format of the Second 500 Guide allows you as a subscriber to quickly access the competitive information you're looking for and easily generate custom reports in seconds.

Through convenient web access and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, you can quickly retrieve competitive rankings according to various metrics—including web sales, merchant type, growth rates and conversion rates, to name just a few—on the e-retailers profiled in the Second 500 Guide and present that data as you wish.

Features of the® database include:

• Faster navigation with more intuitive search
• Easier-to-read company profile pages
• An index of top e-commerce executive and vendor names

Present your analysis and search results to managers or clients. All standard or custom data reports or rankings can be saved for your personal use. The same is true for all profiles and executive contact listings of e-retailers in the® database. Whether you're conducting research on market trends, performing due diligence on a vendor or crunching the numbers for an important e-commerce presentation,® serves as your anywhere, anytime portal to e-commerce business intelligence—use it wherever you have Internet access.

$239 for a 1-year, single-user license—though multiple user/year discounts are also available.


Growth rate in 2013 U.S. e-commerce sales


How much the Second 500 grew in 2013


Growth rate in 2013 sales for ChalkFly


Growth rate in 2013 sales for Rivet & Sway

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2013 online sales of web merchants ranked 501-1,000

  • Thorough AnalysisComplete financial, operations, performance details on each ranked e-retailer

  • Comprehensive ScopeFeatures citing trends for mid-market retailers

  • Industry Contacts1,270 online retailing executives

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