The Internet Retailer 2015 Search Marketing 500

Your Blueprint for Building ROI Through Successful Paid and Natural Search Marketing Programs

In the retail marketer’s ever-growing bag of tricks, search engine marketing, including site optimization and pay-per-click advertising, remains the most mission-critical digital marketing resource. It’s also the channel where marketers invest the most of their digital marketing dollars and expect the highest return. The world of paid and natural search keeps changing—it was just three years ago that Google rolled out product listing ads (PLAs), indelibly impacting the way that retailers advertise on search engines—and web merchants of all sizes need to constantly reevaluate their strategies on keyword inventory management, keyword bidding and optimizing retail site content to rank higher in natural search rankings.

With so much at stake, web merchants need a solid business intelligence blueprint to build successful search marketing strategies. Fortunately, Internet Retailer is here to help with the 81-page 2015 Search Marketing 500—the best SEM strategy blueprint in the industry. This downloadable executive summary (available as a PDF) comprehensively examines the current state of search marketing with data, analysis, feature stories and case studies on the strategies and best practices Top 1,000 e-retailers are implementing to create and sustain winning paid and natural search programs. Achieve digital marketing mastery by learning from the leaders; available exclusively from Internet Retailer, the 2015 Search Marketing 500 features:

• A ranking of the 500 web merchants spending the most on monthly paid search
• Cover story explaining the rise of PLAs
• Datagram summarizing key search engine marketing stats, such as median cost-per-click, and a breakdown of the Top 10 paid search spenders
• Survey detailing how retailers, despite a growing focus on mobile search and maximizing their return from ads on Google, are not giving up on fighting for top natural search rankings
• 5 case studies, including a spotlight on Amazon’s growing web services business
• Overview of Top 10 search engine marketing solutions providers, featuring main product/service summary, pricing, key customers and full company headquarters information

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Rate at which Top 1,000 boosted collective monthly paid search spend in 2014


The median cost-per-click for Top 1,000 merchants


The median number of keywords maintained by the Top 1,000


Percentage of search traffic Top 1,000 received from paid sources in 2014

Key Features

  • Paid SpendA ranking of the 500 e-retailers spending the most on monthly paid search

  • Detailed AnalysisCover story explains the rise of product listing ads

  • Case Studies5, including how Google+ helps rankings

  • Key VendorsTop 10 SEM solutions providers

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