Gluten Free Therapeutics Delivers Relief Faster with Mobile Commerce from mShopper

Designed for ordering high quality supplements at any time and from any mobile device, Gluten Free Therapeutics will be using the mShopper mStore


BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 19, 2014 -- mShopper, a world-leading mobile commerce platform provider, today announced that Gluten Free TherapeuticsTM will be offering a mobile channel for the rapid relief of gluten sufferers. Designed for ordering high quality supplements at any time and from any mobile device, Gluten Free Therapeutics will be using the mShopper mStore v4.1 to allow their customers 24x7 access to vital nutritional supplementation.

"Using high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and scientifically researched formulations, we set out to make one of the most beneficial supplement lines available for the celiac and gluten free communities," said Gluten Free Therapeutics Founder and President Leigh Reynolds. "Now, not only can we offer our customers a superior line of nutritional supplements, we can do it with the convenience of ordering from a smartphone. Easy access to ordering and product information is an important element of customer service. Now our customers have the ability to order from any device with ease. If they want more detail they can visit our website or they can use their mobile device for rapid ordering. We chose mShopper because they allowed us the flexibility to build a mobile site that complements our website and brand message. The staff was easy to work with. It is a win-win situation both for our customers and for us."

Celi-VitesTM supplements are based on robust nutritional science. The result is a line of superior supplements that celiac disease or gluten intolerance sufferers can use to support the healing process from gluten-induced injury, and provide nutritional balance to a gluten free diet. With Gluten Free Therapeutics, there's no need to download an app. Using mStore v4.1, users can order at any time when it's the most convenient.

According to the Mobile Commerce Performance Index, which measures 28 standalone m-commerce sites designed specifically for smartphones and two responsive sites on smartphones, the average page load time for the week ending May 4 was 11.09 with a top speed of 2.29 seconds. Across the network of mShopper customers, the average is 4.57 – good enough for fourth overall in the Internet Retailer/Keynote Systems 28 list. With such a great page-load time, mShopper can offer superior mobile conversion rates that can rival desktops.

"The mStore is designed for on-the-go shopping and is optimized for quick ordering on smaller screens," said mShopper CEO David Gould. "The UX, marketing capabilities and search in our new mStore v4.1 means easier browsing, shopping and purchasing. Better yet, the team at Gluten Free Therapeutics can use our SMS tool to remind their customers when it's time to refill their supplies of supplements and vitamins."

Gluten Free Therapeutics

Gluten Free Therapeutics, based in Kennebunkport, Maine, was created to meet the needs of those who have celiac disease or who are living gluten-free. The company offers dietary supplements formulated specifically to meet the medically recognized nutritional deficiencies of celiac patients. Founded by President Leigh Reynolds, Gluten Free Therapeutics makes Celi-VitesTM, a line of high quality supplements made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients and scientifically researched formulations, for both the gluten free community and beyond because it's not just a passion; it's for family members as well. Gluten Free Therapeutics, Inc. is a woman owned company and all products are made in the USA. For more information, visit www.glutenfreetherapeutics.com, or call at +1-(857) 206-5083.


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