A mobile coupon app allows marketers to send targeted promotions

Checkout 51, an app that sends offers to consumers once a week, has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its launch in January, the company reports.

Abby Callard

Every Thursday morning, mobile coupon app Checkout 51 blasts its 2 million users with offers on products such as Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Fage Yogurt and Ritz Crackers. Consumers purchase those items at local stores or e-commerce sites and upload proof of purchase—a receipt or itemized packing slip—to the app. Once the consumer has saved $20, Checkout 51 sends that consumer a check.

The app debuted in January and has amassed its hefty user base mostly through word of mouth, says founder Noah Godfrey. The company works with consumer product goods (CPGs) companies— Unilever, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson, SC Johnson, General Miils and Heinz, to name a few—and e-retailers.

And, Godfrey says, the app tailors the promotions it gives consumers based on the items they’ve purchased in the past. For example, a shopper who buys baby food regularly will get different offers than a shopper who buys denture cleanser frequently.

Once consumers download the app, they are sent a list of offers on Thursdays. They select the offers they like and purchase the items from a local store or an e-commerce site. Consumers then upload the receipt by taking a picture with their smartphone or uploading a photo taken with a camera to their Checkout 51 account on the app’s web site. If the item was purchased from an e-commerce site—such as Peapod—the itemized package slip can be used in lieu of a traditional receipt. The savings are not applied at the time of purchase, but rather accumulate in the app. Once the consumer’s account has reached $20 in savings, they can have a check sent or can continue to accumulate savings and receive a check later.

For suppliers of consumer goods and e-retailers, it’s a pay-for-performance model, so the CPG pays a fee to Checkout 51 each time a consumer redeems an offer. There are no setup fees. Checkout 51’s clients can limit the number of redemptions available on the platform.

Checkout 51 is available on both Apple iOS and Android and works with devices using iOS 6 or higher and Android version 2.3 or higher.


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