Health care marketers get the most love from e-mail subscribers

Messages from health care companies have the highest open and click-through rates across a span of industries.

Allison Enright

Perhaps it is that we are all a little over-anxious about our health, but that anxiety means health care marketers get their e-mail subscribers’ attention.

A new report from Silverpop that studies the open and click rates for e-mail messaging sent by companies spanning 14 industries found that messages sent by health care companies got opened and clicked the most. Health care messages had an average unique open rate of 26.2% in 2013. Silverpop, an e-mail management technology provider that is part of IBM Corp., defines a unique open rate as “one open per recipient and is expressed as a percentage of the total number of delivered e-mail messages.” Silverpop calculates the rate by dividing the number of unique opens by the total number of delivered e-mails, and then multiplies by 100 to get the percentage.

The click-through rate for health care messages was 4.8%, the highest of all industries studied, and the clicks-per-clicker rate, defined as recipients who either click a specific link multiple times or click more than one link in the e-mail message, was 1.62, second only to the clicks-per-clicker rate for e-mails sent by computer hardware, telecom and electronics companies.

The report says the high click-through and per-clicker rates for health care may be because health care messaging is more likely to be personalized and relevant to recipients than messages sent by other industries.

Silverpop bases it findings on messages sent by Silverpop’s client base. Researchers combined data from all messages sent by nearly 3,000 brands from 40 countries.

The study also found the following average unique open, click-through and clicks-per-clicker rates by industry groups:

● Industrial manufacturing and services, 22.2%, 3.2%, 1.54%

● Computer hardware, telecom and electronics, 23.1%, 3.6%, 1.77%

● Corporate services, 20.7%, 3.4%, 1.41%

● Real estate and construction, 23.1%, 3.9%, 1.37%

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