How Blinds.com lightened up video management

Using Liveclicker’s VideoCommerce tool, Blinds.com reduced the time it spends managing its online videos while increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Abby Callard

Blinds.com, an online seller of window coverings, began using videos on its e-commerce site in 2006. Since then, its video library has grown to more than 200 “how-to” and product-related videos.

But the time involved in updating those videos began to take a toll. Some videos were used in multiple locations on the site, and when a change was made to the video, the web designer had to find each use of the video and manually make the change.

In 2012, Blinds.com began looking for a more efficient method. The company selected Liveclicker’s VideoCommerce tool, which allowed Blinds.com to manage all of its videos from one portal and to make a change once that would automatically update all instances of a video on the site. The technology also includes an analytics feature that lets Blinds.com access detailed information about how consumers are interacting with videos on the site.

“We went from spending days or even weeks entering hundreds of IDs for products one at a time to uploading code for our videos in minutes,” says Robert Reed, video producer at Blinds.com. “Making changes on the fly is invaluable to us, as it enables us to make sure consumers have the most up-to-date information to educate them about our products and, as a result, increases customer loyalty and engagement.”

Liveclicker also allows Blinds.com to offer customer ratings of its videos, related video content and groupings of similarly themed videos. “We tried other solutions on the market—some were good at content management, others at analytics—but none could do both as well as VideoCommerce,” says Robert Reed, video producer at Blinds.com. “The team really listens to our challenges and works with us to create a customized solution for our specific needs so that we can use video most effectively to drive sales.”

After implementing Liveclicker, consumer engagement with videos on Blinds.com increased 99%, revenue increased 92%, order increased 68% and conversion rates for consumers who watched videos increased 70%.

Liveclicker offers two options: a basic option, called Video Commerce Essentials, for small retailers that begins at $125 per month. The enterprise version of Liveclicker, which is used by Blinds.com, starts at $2,500 a month.

The Home Depot Inc. bought Blinds.com in January 2014. Blinds.com is No. 202 on Internet Retailer’s 2014 Top 500 Guide, based on its 2013 web sales, and The Home Depot is No. 16. Blinds.com generated an Internet Retailer-estimated $115 million in 2013 web sales. 


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