A Hong Kong-based online jewelry wholesaler eyes a U.K. warehouse

PandaHall expects to cut shipping times to customers across Europe, North America and other overseas markets with a new warehouse in the United Kingdom for the 400,000 products it now ships only from China.

Paul Demery

With many of its worldwide base of buyers located in the Western world, Hong Kong-based online jewelry wholesaler PandaHall plans to open this year a second warehouse more central to its global customer base, the company said last week.

"We really wanted to improve our customers' satisfaction," PandaHall says in a statement. "With the U.K. warehouse, our customers will get their orders fulfilled more quickly."

PandaHall, which was founded in 2003, sells more than 400,000 products—including beads made of wood, glass and acrylic; beading supplies; gemstones; crystal and lampwork glass—to jewelers and retail stores through Pandahall.com. The e-commerce site presents content in six languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. A spokesman did not immediately return a request for information on whether PandaHall also offers web content in the Chinese languages of Mandarin or Cantonese.

PandaHall has yet to decide on a warehouse location in the U.K., but says it is considering locations throughout the U.K. across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. “We want to choose the location that will best benefit our customers,” the company says.

The wholesaler says the new warehouse, like its facility in China, will sell jewelry products in small lots as well as in bulk. Small-lot items are popular among small retailers and jewelry makers, the company adds.

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