An app lets customers quickly reorder products from their favorite retailers

GimmeAnother saves products, shipping and payment information for consumers so they can reorder products whenever they need them. One niche e-retailer with a product that’s not exciting enough to drive app downloads on its own says the GimmeAnother app is an ideal way for it to jump into m-commerce without a huge investment.

Amy Dusto

GimmeAnother is a new mobile commerce app that allows a consumer to reorder products from various retailers in a couple of taps on her smartphone—less than 10 seconds altogether, says GimmeAnother LLC’s CEO Jon Roketenetz. The app, which comes in Apple Inc. iPhone and Google Inc. Android flavors, saves the products a shopper selects along with her shipping and payment data.

Twenty retailers have signed up with GimmeAnother, Roketenetz says. They sell such items as nutrition bars, vacuum bags and specialty foods. Roketenetz says the app is especially useful for a retailer selling basic, utility items like cleaning products or toiletries that would otherwise be constantly fighting to reacquire the same customers who are accustomed to searching for such products on Google.

The GimmeAnother app is meant to subvert that increasingly ingrained search shopping process. It also pushes items a customer is more likely to buy, based on timing, near the top of the list in the app, Roketenetz says. For example, if a shopper always buys furnace filters in late fall or more coffee in the winter than summer, those products will move up in the list at the appropriate times of year. 

Retailers pay 5% of the purchase price for each order placed through the app, Roketenetz says. To get started, a retailer adds a small piece of JavaScript code to its site and provides GimmeAnother with a product data feed containing the SKUs and details it would like to display in the app, such as price and shipping time, he says. GimmeAnother orders go straight into a retailer’s order management system, unless the retailer requests a custom integration with, for instance, its shopping cart, Rokentenetz says. 

DiscountFilters.com, a subsidiary of National Trade Supply, No. 370 in the 2014 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, recently signed up to offer its water and furnace filters for reorder via GimmeAnother, says director of marketing Rob Boyd. The retailer previously couldn’t justify the costs of mobile commerce technology, he says.

“If it was as simple as building an app to allow people to reorder quickly, we would have done that,” Boyd says. “But filters aren’t a product people get excited about, so the odds of them downloading an app just to buy filters is slim.”

As a shared resource between multiple brands, though, GimmeAnother becomes affordable for DiscountFilters.com, he says. The retailer had dabbled in subscription e-retail before, though not via mobile devices. The main drawback with other commerce vendors it had tested was that they charged fees for each customer sign-up, he says. “We already paid 15% to acquire those customers,” he explains. “One of the really attractive points of GimmeAnother is they are only going to charge us for the reorders that take place through their system.”

Boyd says he also expects the merchant might acquire new customers that begin using the app to reorder other things first, then realize they can also use it to replace the filters in their refrigerators, for example. However, most customers are likely to discover they can reorder with a mobile app after buying on the site and seeing a notification in the final checkout page or in a confirmation e-mail. Messaging at those points prompts them to click to save the item to mobile for easier reordering next time, and to download the GimmeAnother app if they haven’t already, Roketenetz adds.

More features and functions, such as push notifications to remind customers to reorder items, are on the way for the app, he says. The iPhone version first launched in December 2013, with the Android version following in early April 2014.


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