Retailers get a new way to sing their own praises on Twitter

Consumers searching on the social network now see two ad formats in their results. The new one, Promoted Accounts, raises a company’s Twitter account in search results.

Zak Stambor

Twitter Inc. has added another way for retailers and other marketers to reach consumers using the social network’s search function.

The social network has added Promoted Accounts to its search results. The ad unit lets an advertiser pay to promote its Twitter account.

Twitter also features Promoted Tweets in its search results. Promoted Tweets enable a marketer to pay to increase a post’s prominence.

“Search presents a great opportunity for marketers to connect with users, just when they desire information relevant to their search query,” says Nipoon Malhotra, Twitter project manager, revenue.

Twitter automatically selects relevant search queries for presenting Promoted Accounts based on a marketer’s targeting choices. Marketers on Twitter can target consumers in several ways—focusing on a specific location, for example, or those consumers whose profiles and posts suggest an interest in topics such as “movies and television” or, more specifically, “animation.”  Those Promoted Accounts appear along with organic recommendations of people and brands to follow.

Malhotra’s blog post suggests that the more followers a brand acquires, the more likely that brand is to generate sales. A recent survey of European Twitter users supports that claim. The survey found that more than half of U.K. Twitter users who follow brands on the social network say they have visited the web sites of the brands they follow, and 30% of those consumers have gone on to make a purchase based on those clicks.

Adding more ads to its search results is Twitter’s latest move to bolster its advertising revenue. In the past few months Twitter has made conversion tracking available to all advertisers to help marketers understand the impact of impressions and user engagement, added its Promoted Accounts ad unit to consumers’ timelines on mobile devices and began letting marketers use browser cookies and other information, such as consumers’ e-mail addresses, to retarget shoppers shoppers on the social network.


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