In India, a power systems company gets marketing help from PrintBindaas.com

PrintBindaas works with Xerox technology to produce and distribute a wide range of printed marketing materials that customers order over the web. For electric power-generation products provider Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, the service helps it manage nationwide marketing campaigns.

Paul Demery

After launching online in India in April 2010, printing service PrintBindaas scored a coup last year when it reached an agreement with Xerox India to let customers pick up printed materials like corporate brochures and marketing materials at Xerox products resellers throughout the country.

The move helps companies like Su-Kam Power Systems Limited, whose marketing personnel are designing and ordering their printed materials through a web-based software application PrintBindaas designed for Su-Kam. The application lets Su-Kam’s employees log on from wherever they have web browser access to design materials, route copies through a workflow system for approvals, then click to order.

PrintBindaas either ships those materials to Su-Kam’s destination of choice or makes them available for pickup at the office of a Xerox channel partner reseller. “It enables us to save on our resources while efficiently outsourcing print and merchandise through a reliable vendor,” says Kunwer Sachdev, founder and managing director of Su-Kam.

Xerox India is a subsidiary of U.S.-based Xerox Corp. It couldn’t be determined how many resellers Xerox India sells through.

PrintBindaas also sells to consumers and small businesses through its e-commerce site PrintBindaas.com, which competes with other online printers including Printo.in, which launched in 2006 and also operates 16 stores, mostly in Bangalore; and web-only Gingko.in, which formed in October 2011.

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