Key e-retailing metrics perk up during the holiday sales season

Average order values increased 21% year over year and conversion rates nearly 7%, Monetate says.

Allison Enright

The holidays proved fruitful for e-retailers in 2013. Last week, the Commerce Department said that online shoppers in the United States spent $69.2 billion online in the fourth quarter, up 16.1% from $59.6 billion a year earlier. Now, data from digital marketing and personalization services vendor Monetate Inc. shows key e-retail metrics also showed improvements.

The average order value for online purchases made in November and December was $161.09, up 21% from $133.08 a year earlier. Consumers shopping from desktop and laptop computers spent an average of $164.13 per transaction; consumers shopping on tablet computers spent $153.44 and consumers shopping on smartphones $129.42. The data are based on a sample of more than 7 million shopping visits tracked by Monetate. Monetate tracked the same set of client retail sites both years.

The average conversion rate in November and December was 2.97%, up from 2.78% in November and December 2012, Monetate says.

Monetate’s E-commerce Quarterly report also looked at how consumers who converted arrived at the e-retail sites they bought from. It finds that a lower percentage of consumers arriving from a search engine converted. During the fourth quarter of 2013, consumers who arrived via search made a purchase 0.74% of the time, versus 0.87% during the fourth quarter of 2012. Consumers arriving from social channels or from e-mail converted more often in Q4 2013 versus Q4 2012. Consumers arriving from social channels converted 3.84% of the time, versus 3.31% of the time a year ago. Consumers clicking through from an e-mail message converted 2.28% of the time in Q4 2013, versus 2.14% of the time in 2012.





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