Totally Promotional gets social to boost B2B online conversions

The provider of business promotional materials learns how to promote itself through social media. By letting clients load reviews via mobile, it’s boosting conversion rates.

Paul Demery

There’s a lot of business promotion going at Totally Promotional—for its clients as well as itself. And it has a lot to do with social and mobile.

Among the company’s products are personalized table covers that it provides to client businesses that sell and market their wares and services at trade shows and other industry or public gatherings. Totally Promotional sells the covers—which are like oversized table cloths embroidered with a client’s logo and any related messaging—on its business-to-business e-commerce site TotallyTablecovers.com. Clients drape the covers over their tables at promotional events to stand out among other vendors.

To get a marketing boost from its clients’ ratings and reviews of its covers, Totally Promotional provides them access to the Share-on-Mobile app from ShopSocially, a company that provides various Internet-hosted applications for acquiring and engaging customers.

Sign Up for B@Becnews for FREECustomers who have purchased personalized covers from TotallyTablecovers.com have used the Share-on-Mobile app to load photos, reviews and star rankings on a social media web page hosted by ShopSocially. “As a long-term care pharmacy, we do many B2B events,” Michelle Heue posted on the review in October for her Shiraz pharmacy, under a photo of her covered table. “Our table was amazing because of the work of Totally Promotional!”

Heue goes on to personally thank the staff at Totally Promotional for doing a “wonderful” job with her pharmacy’s logo and completing it on time, and gave the vendor a five-star rating. “We will be sure to recommend you to all of my business clients,” she wrote. A “Pin it” link under her table’s image lets views link her review to Pinterest, the social sharing site.

With that kind of client-generated reviews, TotallyTablecovers.com has experienced a 16% increase in conversion rates for table covers featured with content from Share-on-Mobile, the promotional products company says. “Generating social testimonials through mobile is a huge benefit for our business,” says Erin Siefring, social media coordinator for Totally Promotional.

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