Five retailers top November availability tests

HSN led Internet Explorer tests and four retailers tied for the Firefox lead.

Jon Love

HSN.com had the best availability score for Internet Explorer testing among large retailers tested in November, says Compuware. The retailer posted 99.99% availability in Internet Explorer tests. LLBean.com, Overstock.com, QVC.com and Williams-Sonoma.com led Firefox availability tests tied at 100%.

Four retailers—Amway.com, Dell.com, QVC.com and Williams-Sonoma.com—tied in second place in Internet Explorer testing with an availability rating of 99.98%.

Three retailers tied in fifth place for November Firefox availability testing. Amazon.com, Dell.com and Macys.com all posted 99.99% availability.

The average Internet Explorer availability score among the 23 retailers measured in November was 99.70%. The same group of retailers produced an average Firefox score of 99.74%.

Availability is determined by the percentage of tests in which the retailer’s web site loads correctly.

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