Apple and Dell top July consistency ratings

The retailers led Internet Explorer and Firefox consistency tests, respectively, last month.

Jon Love

Apple.com had the best consistency score for Internet Explorer testing among large retailers tested in July, says Compuware. Last month, the retailer had the most consistent Internet Explorer site loading time with a variation of only 0.70 seconds. Dell.com had the best Firefox consistency score at 0.40 seconds. The lower the variation, the more consistently the site loads.

Dell.com (0.71 seconds) placed second in Internet Explorer tests. Amway.com (0.87) came in third, Costo.com finished in fourth (0.91) and Target.com and Walmart.com tied in fifth place (1.06).

In Firefox testing, Amway.com came in second behind Dell.com with a variation of 0.51 seconds. Apple.com trailed in third place (0.62), Overstock.com finished fourth (0.67) and was followed by LLBean.com (0.88).

The average Internet Explorer consistency score among the 23 retailers measured in July was 1.66 seconds. The same group of retailers produced an average Firefox score of 1.46 seconds.

Compuware consistency ratings take into account differences in the speed of web page delivery across multiple visits.

Click here for the full test results.


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