Social media monitoring vendor Engagor raises $2.6 million

The funding dovetails with the Belgium-based company’s move into the U.S. market.

Zak Stambor

Engagor, a Belgium-based vendor that enables companies to track consumers’ conversations across the Internet, has raised $2.6 million in a Series A funding round, led by Hummingbird Ventures.

The funding dovetails with the company’s move into the U.S. market. Steven Reading, vice president of North American sales, will oversee Engagor’s San Francisco office.

Engagor enables retailers and other businesses to monitor consumers’ conversations across the Internet and respond to customer service issues. It includes customer service workflow tools so that a manager can assign agents to respond to particular tweets or Facebook posts. Retailers can also use monitoring to see what shoppers are posting about their competitors, as well as look for prospective leads. For instance, if someone tweets, “Still looking for the perfect black dress,” an apparel retailer could respond with a link to a product page for a black dress.

Engagor also features analytics tools that gauge a brand’s online reputation based on its share of the conversation about a particular topic and the percentage of posts that are positive, and track customer engagement and social campaigns.

Social media moves at light speed,” says Folke Lemaitre, founder and CEO. “Customers are constantly posting online and retailers have to respond. Engagor helps them manage their conversations and reply.”

Engagor doesn’t charge a setup fee. Its basic package, limited to one user, costs $500 a month; its professional package, for up to four users, costs $1,500 a month; and its enterprise edition, for up to 10 users, is $3,000 a month.


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