Mobile continues to gobble up a larger piece of the pie

Mobile accounts for 17.6% of sales and 34.3% of visits for a group of 18 retailers.

Bill Siwicki

The shift from desktop to mobile shopping continues unabated, new research shows.

From June 2012 to June 2013, the percentage of web sales from smartphones at 18 retailer clients of mobile commerce technology provider Branding Brand increased 76.9% from 2.6% to 4.6%, the vendor reports. The percentage of web sales from tablets increased 42.8% from 9.1% to 13.0%. And the percentage of web sales from non-mobile computers decreased 6.7% from 88.3% to 82.4%.

Thus, in June 2013, mobile commerce accounted for 17.6%, or $31.7 million, of total web sales of $179.8 million at the 18 retailers.

Branding Brand has more than 150 clients, it reports. The vendor selected the 18 retailers it measures monthly because they provide an average look at m-commerce, says Christina Koshzow, managing director. “This allows us to suss out real trends in mobile rather than reporting on sudden spikes or events that might only affect a small handful of clients,” she says. “We'll probably expand the sample as we continue to gain clean year-over-year data on more retailers.”

Consumers are shopping on mobile devices more than they are buying on the devices. From June 2012 to June 2013, the percentage of visits from smartphones at the 18 retailers increased 66.2% from 12.9% to 21.5%. The percentage of visits from tablets increased 35.1% from 9.5% to 12.8%. And the percentage of visits from non-mobile computers decreased 15.3% from 77.6% to 65.7%.

So, in June 2013, mobile devices accounted for 34.3%, or 26.3 million, of 76.7 million total visits to the 18 retailers.

Conversion rates are up across the board from June 2012 to June 2013. Smartphone conversion went from 0.43% to 0.47%, tablet conversion jumped from 1.57% to 1.69%, and non-mobile computer conversion went from 2.06% to 2.14%, Branding Brand finds.

And mobile devices running Apple Inc.’s iOS mobile operating system continue to trounce those running Google Inc.’s Android, Branding Brand says. The iPhone accounted for 68.2% of June 2013 smartphone traffic at the 18 retailers, Android smartphones 29.1% and other smartphones 2.7%. The iPhone accounted for 76.1% of smartphone revenue, Android smartphones 21.7% and other smartphones 2.2%.

Apple’s iPad accounted for 94.5% of June 2013 tablet traffic at the 18 retailers, Android tablets 5.4% and other tablets 0.1%. The iPad accounted for a whopping 99.0% of tablet revenue and Android tablets 1.0%.

Branding Brand is No. 1 among mobile commerce vendors in the “Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000 E-retailers.” It has 38 clients among the Internet Retailer Top 1,000, according to the Top500Guide.com research database.


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