comScore offers a unified view of how consumers shop via the web and mobile devices

Digital Analytix Multi-Platform is designed to boost brand loyalty and revenue.

Bill Siwicki

Web and mobile measurement firm comScore Inc. has launched Digital Analytix Multi-Platform, a web and mobile analytics system that shows customer behavior as consumers bounce between desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The new service is built on comScore’s Digital Analytix service, which was designed to help companies better understand their digital customers’ behavior. The new offering applies comScore’s multi-platform expertise to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of  behavior across platforms, comScore says.

“ComScore has been at the forefront in solving the complex technological and methodological issues associated with digital consumers shifting from screen to screen,” says Jodi McDermott, vice president at comScore. “We are now bringing this expertise to enterprise analytics to help publishers and retailers understand the behavior of their customers across platforms. Using more sophisticated logic to associate disparate multi-platform engagements with a single customer, Digital Analytix Multi-Platform provides insight into the complete customer journey from acquisition to conversion. Accurately accounting for these behaviors gives businesses the metrics needed to enhance the customer experience, develop more effective marketing strategies and drive brand loyalty.”

Digital Analytix Multi-Platform supplies granular information, comScore says, that enables companies to track how consumers move from device to device as they research products and buy. That helps companies understand the customer journey from acquisition through conversion, and from repeat usage to long-term loyalty, comScore says. And the new service can help retailers retain customers and drive loyalty: Knowing more about how consumers shop online and via mobile devices can help businesses attract and retain customers, resulting in increased brand loyalty and revenue, comScore says.

ComScore declines to reveal pricing for the new service, but says Digital Analytix Multi-Platform is a large-scale enterprise analytics implementation and as a result the pricing will vary according to a client’s needs and specifications. The firm says the new service is competitive with Adobe Omniture and WebTrends services.


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