Jackthreads predicts its new iPad app will push mobile sales past 50%

Founder says the iPad app is the way Jackthreads was meant to be shopped.

Bill Siwicki

Members-only flash-sale e-retailer Jackthreads has had great success in mobile commerce. Its 4 million members, mostly younger men, have downloaded the merchant’s iPhone and Android smartphone apps more than 2 million times, the company reports. And its m-commerce web site and smartphone apps generate 40% of total sales at Jackthreads, the e-retailer says.

Now it is growing its mobile stable with a new app for the iPad. Members can swipe their way through 1,000 brands and themed shops. The iPad app picks up the company’s mobile-first design scheme that started with the smartphone apps.

Jackthreads has high hopes for the iPad app. Customers shopping the e-commerce web site on iPads, about 5% of total traffic, boast conversion rates three times higher than members using other mobile devices and have average order values 40% greater than members using other mobile devices, Jackthreads says.

The iPad app will push mobile sales over the 50% mark for the first time in Jackthreads history, says Ben Lerer, CEO and co-founder of the Thrillist Media Group, which operates Jackthreads. “The success we’ve seen on mobile has been remarkable, and the iPad app is arguably our best mobile product yet,” he says.

The iPad app will feature discounts exclusive to iPad app shoppers. Jackthreads, No. 179 in the Internet Retailer Mobile 400, built the app in-house. The e-retailer declines to reveal the cost of the app, but mobile experts say tablet apps can run from $50,000 to $500,000, depending on features and functions.

“We know we’re kind of late to the game in building an iPad app, but we finally feel like we’ve created an awesome, on-the-go experience that’s worthy of our guys,” says Jackthreads founder Jason Ross. “We believe that this is the way Jackthreads was meant to be shopped.”


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