How to fix fulfillment frustrations

An IRCE speaker will discuss how to select a fulfillment vendor.

Katie Evans

Establishing a smooth process for fulfilling customers’ orders in a timely manner is essential to a retailer’s success. While a good paid search strategy or snazzy web site can boost sales, none of those efforts will amount to much if customers don’t get their orders.

Kevin McCracken, chief operating officer and founder of Social Imprints, a full-service custom printing company that manages 30 online retail outlets, ships 500 to 1,000 orders a day and has annual sales of $4 million, will discuss his problems with fulfillment and how he fixed them at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2013 in Chicago.

In his session, “Finding the fulfillment vendor that suits your needs,” McCracken will discuss how to vet fulfillment vendors, a talk informed by his own decision to change providers.

“After over two years of hitting our head with different fulfillment companies, we made a bold decision to find the right technology,” McCracken says. “During the process we created a checklist of what we wanted from vendors, and turned it into a to-do list.”

The editors of Internet Retailer asked McCracken to speak at IRCE because of his many years of experience as a retailer. McCracken started in the screen printing industry 14 years ago in a small shop in San Francisco and worked his way up to general manager. After leaving that company, Kevin started a custom printing company that provides merchandise for many of the Bay Area's most popular bands, including thrash-metal pioneers Metallica. He was also a managing partner at one of the country's most successful high-volume printers.


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