U.K. grocer Ocado bags an 11% web sales increase in 2012

Mobile devices now account for 28% of all orders, the online grocer reports.

Stefany Zaroban

Sales were up in 2012 for United Kingdom-based Ocado Ltd., and the online grocer continues to expand distribution capacity.

In a recent year-end earnings presentation, Ocado, No. 21 in the Top 400 Europe reported:

Ocado did not break out Q4 sales.

Ocado CEO Tim Steiner says mobile commerce is a growing portion of overall business, as 28% of orders are now completed on mobile devices.

In 2012, the merchant underwent a number of technology and distribution upgrades, including increased web site personalization features that reduced online shopping times, and a new Facebook log-in option so customers can share their shopping lists with friends.

Ocado has expanded its SKU count to more than 28,000, including 8,000 non-food items like baby and toddler products, hair and beauty items, and home décor. In January, the merchant opened a small distribution center dedicated to such items, and it plans to continue growing this side of the business going forward.

Another new 350,000-square-foot distribution center in Dordon, England is set to begin fulfilling orders at the end of February, which will give Ocado the capacity to ship an additional 120,000-130,000 orders per week, Ocado says. The merchant currently operates a 295,000-square-foot distribution center in Hatfield, a London suburb.


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