Mobile accounts for 16% of November traffic on a U.K. affiliate network

Apple devices dominate traffic and sales, Affiliate Window says.

Bill Siwicki

16.29% of all traffic to Affiliate Window’s 10,000 sites stemmed from mobile devices in November, the U.K. affiliate network reports. That’s up from 13.25% in October. 9.45% of traffic was on smartphones in November, up from 7.76% in October; 6.84% of traffic was on tablets, up from 5.49%, the company says.

During the last week of November beginning Nov. 25, 43.48% of mobile traffic was from iPads, 32.46% from iPhones, 18.29% from Android devices, 1.62% from BlackBerrys and 4.15% from other mobile devices, Affiliate Window reports.

Mobile traffic converted at a rate of 3.89% in November, up from 3.2% in October, the company says. This eclipsed last year’s December peak of 3.68%.

12.30% of all sales through the affiliate network in November stemmed from mobile devices, up from 10.70% in October, the company says. 4.64% of sales in November came from smartphones, up from 4.14% in October; 7.66% of sales were from tablets in November, up from 6.56% in October.

“With consumers expected to turn to mobile devices as we get closer to Christmas, we could realistically anticipate sales through mobile handsets to reach 5% in December,” Affiliate Window says.

The iPad dominated mobile commerce sales. During the last week of November beginning Nov. 25, 62.44% of mobile sales came from the Apple Inc. tablets, 20.14% from iPhones, 12.20% from Android devices, 3.64% from BlackBerrys and 1.59% from other mobile devices, the company says. The total exceeds 100% due to rounding.

Year to date, 59% of mobile sales came from iPads, 24% from iPhones, 12% from Android devices, 3% from BlackBerrys and 2% from other mobile devices, Affiliate Window says. That gives Apple a commanding 83% share of mobile sales.

“Apple users are typical early adopters. They’re generally tech-savvy individuals who embrace new ways of interacting and transacting online,” says Kevin Edwards, strategy director at Affiliate Window. “Given the higher purchase barrier to entry for iPhones this tends to indicate users have higher disposable incomes. It may be purely anecdotal but there is also a sense that Apple users are more comfortable and confident shoppers who don’t have the same reservations when buying online. I think this also extends to the iPad. We typically see conversion rates for the iPad outstrip standard desktop rates coupled with higher average order values, making the traffic and consumer particularly attractive to retailers.”


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