Holiday sales are going wild for e-retailer Zoostores

Sales from mobile devices grew 185% over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Katie Evans

The start of the holiday shopping season was anything but tame for Zoostores.com. The retailer, which operates from Zoostores.com approximately 250 sites, each one selling a very specific type of product, such as outdoor fireplaces or wine racks, says its sales for the period from Black Friday through Cyber Monday increased 73% compared to the same period last year. Mobile sales alone for the four days increased 185%, mobile traffic 50% and average order value grew $50 compared with a year earlier.

On Thanksgiving, sales were up 110% year over year, says Nikhil Behl, co-founder and CEO.  “I would have expected people to have their turkey and start shopping later in the day, but it was strong the whole day,” Behl says. “It was not an evening phenomenon.  We started the day off with a bang.”  The retailer made several site upgrades in the past few months, including adding 50% more products and more payment methods, including Checkout By Amazon and Visa Inc.’s V.me.

“We’ve worked hard the last few months to massively upgrade our site and make the shopping experience faster and easier for our customers,” says Behl.

Top sellers at the retailer thus far for the holidays include kids and baby items, particularly strollers, bunk beds and trampolines. Other strong categories include home items, such as sofas, dining sets, bar stools and loft beds. Fitness equipment, including weight and elliptical machines, also are popular. Zoostores.com sells 500,000 products from 2,500 vendors.

In November, Behl said its sales for the year thus far were up 110% from last year and that the number of repeat buyers had increased 40% compared to a year earlier. Zoostores in No. 236 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.


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