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How to make good functionality fun.

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The Hot 100 retailers in the toys, hobbies and sporting goods category have a leg up on many other web retailers because their products tend to be colorful, lend themselves to realistic or action-oriented displays and, quite simply, are fun. But they also face tough competition and therefore have to figure out how to develop features and functions that can win consumers' loyalty.

Consider the following examples:

In addition, Evo.com's home page features a contemporary, easily navigable design that enables a shopper to view items based on activity, such as skiing, or via categories like "men's clothing." The retailer also conveys an irreverent persona targeting its young adult demographic in multiple ways, such as adding "11 years old and still playing with toys" to its anniversary sale promo. Meanwhile toy retailer Oompa.com also is focused on building unique ties to its customers. For instance, the e-retailer runs contests for its customers, such as a casting call on its blog and its Facebook page to find models for Oompa.com's latest products.

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