Oompa.com: Toys, not noise

Oompa.com knows how to make toy shopping fun for all.

Paul Demery

Toy stores can be loads of fun for kids—and loads of headaches for adults who must sort through a blur of playthings. Julabug Inc.’s Oompa.com, the brainchild of co-presidents Susan Klieman and Sandra Gunthorpe, who are both moms, takes a different approach. Oompa only sells toys that meet their standards for well-crafted products that spur imagination, as well as fun. Instead of selling toys that run on batteries or use flashing lights, it offers shoppers items like toy banjos, wooden train sets and alphabet puzzles. Consumers can shop by brand, country of origin or a child’s age. “We keep Oompa.com clean and easy to navigate, so the customer doesn’t get overwhelmed and will feel productive after shopping,” Klieman says. “We don’t want our customers to get lost in the noise.”

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