Wayfair.com: Content creator

Wayfair.com hopes to drive sales with rich content.

Katie Evans

Wayfair.com takes its content seriously. So much so that the e-retailer, formerly known as CSN Stores LLC, late last year hired Better Homes and Gardens editor Kristine Kennedy as its editorial director to manage articles and content on the site. Articles include interviews with designers whose products the retailer carries, as well as top picks by Wayfair editors. The site continues to tweak its design since its relaunch last fall as Wayfair. An “as seen in” section on the home page helps consumers find Wayfair items that have been featured in magazines, and a scrollable list of brands carried on the site lets visitors quickly find brands they favor. It also added a dose of star power via collaboration with HomeMint, the designer site that features celebrity pop star Justin Timberlake.

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