Gilt.com: Look who’s buying

New features on Gilt.com let shoppers see what others are buying and search for specific products.

Katie Evans

Who doesn’t like to snoop now and again? Gilt.com’s new voyeuristic shopping feature lets consumers peer into shopping carts of other members of the private-sale site, without seeing their names. While visitors browse Gilt by broad product categories, such as Men, Home and Food & Wine, the feature, called Gilt Live, shows shoppers the full breadth of what others are buying across the site’s entire inventory. Shoppers can also select to view only what other shoppers are buying in a specific broad category, like Women. Another site update lets shoppers search by type of item, a step away from Gilt Groupe’s flash-sale roots. Now, a shopper can enter into a search box what she is looking for and search the site for items as she would on a traditional e-commerce site.

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