16% of web shoppers will also shop via their mobile devices

A new PriceGrabber survey previews the mobile holiday season.

Bill Siwicki

16% of consumers who shop online will engage in mobile commerce this holiday season, up from 13% last year, according to a new PriceGrabber survey of 2,469 online shoppers. Nearly all respondents indicated they will do some online shopping from a computer. The number of web shoppers who plan to visit stores dropped from 48% to 46%.

When it comes to buying, this year the average consumer who shops online will make 6% of their holiday purchases from a mobile phone, 62% online and 32% in stores, the survey says. In 2011 the average web shopper said he would make 4% of purchases from a mobile phone, 63% online and 33% in stores, PriceGrabber says.

Consumers who shop the web cite Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the biggest days for mobile shopping, PriceGrabber finds. Black Friday is the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving; Cyber Monday follows three days later, one of the busiest days for online shopping.

Of the survey respondents planning to use a mobile device to shop this holiday season, 37% say they plan to do the most mobile shopping on Black Friday (Nov. 23). Cyber Monday (Nov. 26) follows closely with 36%. 11% say the Saturday after Black Friday (Nov. 24) and 10% indicate Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22). Only 6% plan to shop on Sunday Nov. 25 from their mobile device, the survey finds.

PriceGrabber asked mobile shoppers how they plan to use their mobile devices during the holiday shopping season. 70% will check prices on their phones before making a store purchase, a tactic known as showrooming, the survey finds. 66% plan to make purchases from their mobile devices, 52% will view retailer e-mails containing coupons and discounts while shopping in stores, 46% will use comparison shopping apps and bar code scanners, and 40% plan to check store inventory before shopping in a store.

“We anticipate that online and mobile shopping will continue to increase in popularity this holiday season because it allows consumers to easily compare products and read merchant reviews, as well as locate the best price on every product without having to visit each and every store,” says Rojeh Avanesian, vice president of marketing and analytics at PriceGrabber. “Online and mobile shopping allows consumers the ability to monitor prices and to shop around the clock. Today’s busy and money-conscious consumer is looking at these channels as go-to options for finding the best deals during a frenetic period like the winter holiday season.”

When asked to select all of the reasons why they will shop online or from a mobile device for gifts this year, 76% of survey respondents hope to avoid the crowds in stores, 75% wish to take advantage of free shipping, 75% enjoy the convenience of shopping around the clock, 72% cite the simplicity of price comparison shopping, and 57% like to read customer reviews, the survey finds.


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