Amazon spells the end for Endless

The e-retail site will become part of Amazon.com/Fashion.

Paul Demery

The end is in sight for Endless.com, the web-only shoe and handbag store Amazon.com Inc. launched in 2007. Endless is moving to Amazon.com/Fashion, the site announced in a message absorbing most of its home page. “On Sept. 27, Endless.com will become part of Amazon.com/Fashion.”

The move is not unexpected. Internet Retailer reported on rumors of the move earlier this year. However, it has still raised questions among Endless.com customers about whether the trendy apparel site will maintain its level of product selection and service within Amazon.com, which is No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500.

“I love you guys and I love Amazon, but I’m really sorry to see your stand-alone web site going away,” Emma Chastain, executive editor of the popular culture blog Spark Life, posted on the Endless.com Facebook page. “In my opinion, it’s 100% more usable and easy to navigate than Amazon.com/Fashion.”

An Amazon representative posted a reply on Facebook, saying that Amazon would consider Chastain’s feedback as it looks for ways to improve Amazon.com. The company also says that it plans to expand the number of designer apparel and accessories brands it offers and that it will continue offering the free shipping and free return shipping that has been on Endless.com. It could not be determined, however, if Amazon will offer such services throughout Amazon.com/Fashion or only within a new section dedicated to Endless. Amazon did not immediately return a call for comment.

Although Endless.com helped to build up Amazon.com Inc.’s reputation for selling designer apparel, “I don’t believe that Endless represented a meaningful portion of Amazon’s shoe and accessories volume,” says Colin Sebastian, an investment analyst who follows Amazon at R.W. Baird & Co.

In the end, the fashion apparel and accessories site provided Amazon with a learning experience for handling a difficult product category, he adds. “Shoes and apparel are some of the more complicated products to sell online,” Sebastian says. “I think Endless was an experiment, and whatever Amazon learned from Endless they are now ready to roll that back into the main site.”


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