Emcien Upgrades Technology That Helps Retailers Understand Customer-Buying Patterns to Significantly Boost Sales, Reduce Costs

EmcienPatterns analyzes customer-buying patterns in order to provide actionable insights for managing product proliferation most profitably.


Emcien Corp., a leading provider of pattern-based analytics solutions, today released the latest version of EmcienPatterns. Designed for retailers, distributors and consumer packaged goods manufacturers, EmcienPatterns analyzes customer-buying patterns in order to provide actionable insights for managing product proliferation most profitably. The latest release improves interactivity and usability, leveraging the influx of big data.

The latest version of EmcienPatterns offers significant improvements for users:

Category Explorer - This interactive tool allows users to inspect the connections between item categories. Users can compose a list of categories, or view the recommendations from EmcienPatterns. Using this tool reveals how transactions, from customers or internal business processes, drive connectivity and how users can take advantage of those connections.

Actionables - This new feature reveals highly connected groups of items that can be used for cross-promotion as well as those very isolated and slow-moving items that can be removed. It also exposes those items that should be grouped together on a shelf.

Substitution - This improved feature reveals which items have the greatest inventory reduction opportunities, and those items that customers willingly substitute when one of the items is not available.

Item Graph - Improvements to the item-graph display reveals an even richer depth of connectivity between items based on customer-buying patterns.

Connection Search - This powerful new search interface allows users to query for interesting and relevant item connections. As an example, retailers may view which categories have the most connections and yield the highest profit when sold together.

“EmcienPatterns solves the big question retailers are asking, ‘what is selling and who is buying’,” said Russ Caldwell, CTO, Emcien. “EmcienPatterns analyzes the critical connections between products based on real time customer-buying patterns. This latest version enables managers to do their jobs more efficiently and with more confidence in their decisions.”

With EmcienPatterns, retailers can keep up with changes in demand and automatically surface what customers are buying across all channels. Using this insight, retailers can respond quickly to shifts in the market and competitors, increasing profitability and market share. “When we witnessed Emcien’s ability to quickly analyze customer-buying patterns for cross-selling opportunities and then immediately push ‘also bought’ suggestions to our independent dealers’ customers, we jumped all over it,” said Paul Gatens, Director, Marketing Information, S.P. Richards.

About Emcien Corp.

Emcien is a first-in-class provider of pattern-based analytics solutions purpose-built for organizations in data-rich sectors such as manufacturing, distribution, retail and law enforcement. Emcien’s solutions convert an organization’s complex, multi-dimensional data into actionable intelligence, designed to deliver significant business value in the forms of new sources of revenue, increased profits, and enhanced competitive advantage. For more details, visit emcien.com.


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