The web grows 16% in the U.S. for QVC

Overall sales for Liberty Interactive grew 5.4% in the second quarter.

Mark Brohan

It’s pretty clear that when QVC looks forward its see a future that’s propelled by e-commerce. That trend is evident in the numbers and executive comments QVC’s parent company, Liberty Interactive Corp., offered up for its second quarter financial performance.

For the quarter ended June 30, Liberty Interactive, No. 7 in the 2012 Internet Retailer Top 500, reported:

“QVC's performance was driven by another strong quarter of e-commerce and mobile purchasing, a trend that continues to accelerate across our global markets," says QVC CEO Mike George. "Our customers are embracing QVC's unique digital shopping experience, fueled by great values on distinctive products across each of our growing platforms."

For the first two quarters Liberty Media didn’t break out year-to-date metrics for QVC and its other e-commerce businesses, but did report:

Net earnings of $354.0 million compared with net earnings of $668.0 million in the prior year.


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