Sometimes coming late to the mobile party isn’t a bad thing

A MMCF speaker says retailers can learn from early-bird’s mistakes.

Allison Enright

Jackthreads.com, a flash-sale e-retailer of men’s apparel and accessories, launched its first mobile app in late January. Now, 200,000 of the e-retail site’s members—about 10% of its total member base—have the app on their iPhone or Android smartphones and 20% of total sales come through the app, says Jason Ross, Jackthreads.com’s founder.

The e-retailer appears to have hit a mobile app home run on its first at bat. Ross will explain to attendees at Internet Retailer’s Mobile Marketing & Commerce Forum how the e-retailer formulated its mobile app strategy and then executed on that plan during a session titled “Keys to a successful app: Simple, intuitive, useful” on Oct. 9 from 11-11:45 a.m. The three-day forum takes place in San Diego.

Ross says Jackthreads.com purposefully waited to see how the apps of other flash-sale retailers worked or didn’t work and took that information into account when it set out to develop its own. “It took us awhile to get to the point where we were getting an app,” Ross says. “We were kind of late, but we looked to see what other people have done and the mistakes they made so we invested in the right areas.”

65,000 consumers downloaded the app in its first week, and Jackthreads.com continues to promote its app to consumers via e-mail and banner advertising. All e-mails sent to Jackthreads.com members include information about the mobile app in the header or footer, and the e-retailer also sends dedicated e-mails promoting the app. Banner advertising about the app routinely appears on Thrillist.com, the online media company that bought Jackthreads.com in 2010. Jackthreads.com also recently began running sales available only to mobile app users. Ross says he’ll detail further how Jackthreads.com markets its app during his presentation.

Ross also says Jackthreads.com continues to make improvements to the app to serve customers better. It’s worked to speed response and page load times, while also making it possible for consumers to view larger product images within the app. It also added personalization capabilities so the app can recommend products that may be more closely suited to consumers’ individual style preferences. 

Jackthreads.com is No. 440 in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide.



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