A German e-retailer has a way with the online ladies

Otto Group is among the best in attracting women in Europe, comScore says.

Thad Rueter

Tumblr.com, e-retailer Otto Group and Groupon do the best job in Europe of attracting women to their web sites, according to a report this week from comScore Inc.

The web measurement firm arrived at its findings by aggregating web use data for May from across Europe; comScore says that nearly 400 million Europeans went online in May, each spending an average of 27.6 hours on the Internet. Women accounted for 48.4% of European Internet users during that month, and 46.9% of the time spent online.

Among the 100 top web sites in Europe—comScore included more than just e-retailers—blogging platform provider Tumblr has the highest concentration of women users. They accounted for 69% of all the time spent on the site in May.

In second place was Otto Group, No. 2 in Internet Retailer’s Top 400 Europe, and also the parent company  of U.S.-based Crate and Barrel, which is No. 59 in the Top 500 Guide. Otto Group, whose roots are in retail catalogs, owns all or part of some 100 online brands, mainly in the fashion and lifestyle categories. Women accounted for 68.9% of time spent on the German company’s retail sites in May, comScore says.

In third place was daily deal operator Groupon, where women accounted for 61.7% of the time spent in May. In fourth place was Mail.ru Group, a Russia-based operation that offers e-mail and social networking services; women accounted for 61.1% of the time spent there. France-based e-retailer PPR SA was in fifth place (60.8%; No. 5 in the Top 400 Europe), followed by online gaming provider Spil Games (60.2%), Ikea (57.5%; No. 243 in the Top 500), and media conglomerate RTL Group (57.4%).

The comScore report also rated the top online retail categories for women, by the percentage of time on those sites represented by women:

• Fragrances and cosmetics (70.9% of time spent on those sites)

Apparel (66.8%)

• Department stores (64.9%)

• Food (61.2%)

“Health information also had a relatively high share of female engagement (63.6%), suggesting a greater likelihood of proactive engagement on health issues,” the report says.


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