Compario brings the omni-channel e-commerce experience into an era of personalisation

Commerce solution enables businesses to measure the effectiveness of merchandising actions across channels.


London, 25 May 2012 – Compario, a leading vendor of Connected Commerce solutions, announces the release of the new version of its software, Compario Crowned Eagle. Brands and e-commerce sites will have a whole new breadth of functionality, allowing them to offer contextual navigation adapted to each visitor. As well as facilitating the promotion of personalised and dynamic offers and content across various channels via a unique control console, it will enable analysis and reporting without page tagging. Compario Crowned Eagle therefore empowers business users to coordinate merchandising and navigation across various digital channels in a centralised manner, and to drive an omni-channel strategy effectively.

A website tailored to each visitor – even anonymous – and each channel

According to Pascal Podvin, CEO of Compario, “Personalisation of the online shopping experience is key in today’s world of connected commerce. E-Commerce sites and online brands can no longer simply make do with offering the same, linear experience to all customers and visitors; they need to follow a coherent and logical policy across different digital channels. The new version of our solution, Compario Crowned Eagle, empowers marketing and sales teams to regain control of and manage their E-Commerce sites, apply merchandising and targeting rules adapted to various visitor profiles, and measure their effectiveness using analytics to continually improve KPIs. Compario Crowned Eagle makes possible online what remains impossible in physical stores: allowing each customer to browse through a store or supermarket which is entirely personalised and adapted to their tastes, with promotions specifically defined in line with their purchasing habits, preferences and requirements. This is a Holy Grail for marketing and sales teams who are now in a position to easily and dynamically offer each customer a unique experience and to achieve exceptional conversion rates.”

Main new areas of functionality

Contextual navigation and personalisation:

-         New personalisation functions for the navigation tree allow for a navigation structure personalised to each type of visitor (e.g. first-time, occasional, repeat, seasonal etc.) or the creation of dedicated navigation structures according to visitor profiles (e.g. dedicated B2B and B2C areas).

-         Personalised product recommendations based on historic behavioural data, i.e. based on their navigation actions and searches. This allows the merchandiser to offer products based on this “behavioural” data, increasing basket value and customer satisfaction by offering highly relevant cross and up-sells.

-         Dynamic bundles: Compario Crowned Eagle allows for rule-based definition and price calculation of bundles, taking into account their availability.

Analytics and reporting:

-         A new, fully-integrated module which records visitor behaviour (detailed navigation path, use of faceted search, clicks on merchandising actions, etc.) enables reporting on KPIs (e.g. conversion rate) across all navigation criteria.

-         Compario Crowned Eagle native reporting functionality enables business users to analyse the effectiveness of merchandising actions and the relevance of faceted navigation.

Catalogue optimisation:

-         Compario Crowned Eagle allows for personalisation of the management environment and for definition of multiple user access profiles for the administration of catalogues.

-         A new Excel add-in module empowers the business user to use import/export functionality to easily create and edit product families within Microsoft Excel.

-         Availability of catalogue statistics (active products and SKUs in the catalogue, number of families, number of web pages, etc.)

Stéphane Vendramini, VP Product at Compario adds that: “One of the major innovations of Compario Crowned Eagle resides in the fact that business users can now act directly on online catalogues. Thanks to the integrated analytical capabilities of the solution, management teams can test merchandising rules for themselves with an unrivalled degree of accuracy and personalisation, and coordinate continuous improvement of their cross-channel E-Commerce strategy. By offering each visitor a highly personalised buying experience, organisations will gain a key competitive advantage. This constitutes a fundamental development for the solution, in response to a demand expressed by our customers via the “Open Innovation” initiative, which is our collaborative roadmap development.”

About Compario

Compario is a leading vendor of connected commerce solutions focused on improving the customer shopping experience through enhanced catalogue management, dynamic E-Merchandising and personalised search and navigation. Compario solutions power more than 100 sites in 15 countries across the world and manage a total of €2bn of online revenue.

Compario has been selected by some of the largest names in online commerce, including:

3 Suisses, Avenir Telecom, BUT, Casino, Conforama, Damart, Decathlon, Groupe HTM, Intersport, Printemps (Made in Sport), Cultura (Milonga Music), Surcouf, Toupargel, Truffaut, UFC Que Choisir, Yves Rocher…

For further information, please visit: www.compario.com


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