LivePerson Launches Keyword Lift for Paid Search

Keyword Lift leverages search campaign data and uses a proprietary analytics engine to identify the keywords with the greatest potential to boost ROI.


New York – LivePerson, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPSN), a provider of real-time intelligent engagement solutions that increase conversions and improve the customer experience, today announced the official launch of Keyword Lift, an intelligence solution that increases conversions from paid search ad traffic.

Keyword Lift leverages search campaign data and uses a proprietary analytics engine to identify the keywords with the greatest potential to boost ROI. Personalized content, ranging from coupons to download links, is then delivered to selected visitors, driving higher conversions and an improved customer experience. Because Keyword Lift works continuously in the background, it automatically adjusts to changes in user behavior, as well as changes to search campaigns and website content.  New opportunities to optimize sales are automatically identified, and the most relevant keywords will always be targeted.

“Web and search engine marketing has become a key component of any online business’s success. With Keyword Lift, businesses can optimize the performance and yield of their pay-per-click campaigns, while also delivering a more personalized, engaging and relevant site experience for visitors,” said Rob LoCascio, CEO and Founder, LivePerson. “When you deliver content to visitors that is actually derived from their search, your bounce rates decrease, click through rates increase and overall conversions are lifted.”

Keyword Lift deploys quickly and with virtually no IT involvement.  Content is delivered through LP Marketer, LivePerson’s award-winning personalization solution.

Customers are already seeing early success with Keyword Lift. IPSL, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of PVC wall and ceiling cladding panels, implemented Keyword Lift to increase the ROI of its Google AdWords campaign, as well as to optimize its visitor engagement. Because IPSL relies on internet sales for 75% of their revenue and is the primary source of first-time clients, they invest heavily in Google AdWords campaigns. While IPSL had previously achieved good success with AdWords, they began to experience a leveling-off of their results and sought ways to lift the ROI of their pay-per-click spend.

“Our immediate success with Keyword Lift has been tremendous. After just one month, we saw an incredible 245 percent lift in the conversion rates for the keywords targeted by Keyword Lift,” said Alan Matchett, Managing Director at IPSL. “Keyword Lift is one of the most important pieces of technology that we have put into place in our web marketing efforts. We are engaging with more customers, increasing conversions and maximizing our overall online presence.”

For more detailed information about IPLS’ success with Keyword Lift, download the case study here or view the video testimonial here.

Available immediately on the LiveEngage platform, Keyword Lift complements LivePerson’s award-winning engagement solutions, including LP Chat and LP Marketer.

About LivePerson

LivePerson, Inc. (Nasdaq: LPSN) offers a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to proactively connect in real-time with their customers via chat, voice, and content delivery at the right time, through the right channel, including websites, social media, and mobile devices. This "intelligent engagement" is driven by real-time behavioral analytics, producing connections based on a true understanding of business objectives and customer needs.

More than 8,500 companies rely on LivePerson's platform to increase conversions and improve customer experience, including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, Sky, Walt Disney, PNC, QVC and Orbitz.

LivePerson received the CODiE award for Best Content Management Solution in 2012 and for Best Ecommerce Solution in 2011, and has been named a Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan in 2011.  LivePerson is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Atlanta, London and Melbourne, Australia.


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