The All New Galleria Foundation Services Allows Data Sharing and Application Connectivity

Using the latest technology, GFS provides the perfect foundation for Cloud collaboration.


Chicago (Jan.16, 2012) – In a move that will make it easier for retailers and vendors to access and share information throughout  organizations, Galleria Retail Technology Solutions, the leading provider of retail and category optimization solutions, has introduced Galleria Foundation Services (GFS) – a foundational platform and demand Intelligence layer, encapsulating data, workflow,  and business process management application connectivity and security protocols into a single, secure location.

Using the latest technology, GFS provides the perfect foundation for Cloud collaboration.

“For a long time, retailers & vendors had to rely on various, disparate platforms to store data and conduct merchandising activities,” said Mike Humphreys, CTO, Galleria.   “All of the systems such as assortment, space, price, promotion, and markdown produce data that could be better utilized if the information could be viewed and shared across a single platform.  Many times retailers and vendors have several databases and spread sheets that make it quite difficult to answer very basic questions about business performance.”

GFS covers a significant part of the business process and acts as an enabler for a variety of business tasks. GFS serves as a central hub from which both internal and external projects can be managed, viewed and monitored. This will enable the creation and maintenance of category roles, goals and tactics and will provide the master data system for these. As an integral part of the company workflow there will be greater visibility of corporate objectives, roles and responsibilities.

“GFS provides retailers and vendors with a single version of the truth,” Humphreys said.  “With it, you can access all the different types of data held which includes: product, performance assortments, planograms, floor layouts, consumer decisions trees, macro space recommendations, complex, feedback and more to really drill down into very specific data.”

“From category managers to store managers, GFS allows retailers and vendors to easily access and share information within a defined business process to improve store operations,” Humphreys said.  “For example, merchandising personnel can use GFS to get feedback from the system regarding what activities they should be doing now, a week from now, and what kind of resources they may need to support the project.”

GFS is the master repository for published trading content and allows related applications and downstream systems to connect with GFS to retrieve the current (or historical) state of any entity held. Offering all of the retailer’s data in this single location will also reduce integration costs.

“Integration costs will also be reduced since the retailer will be using GFS rather than a patchwork of different systems,” Humphreys said.  “GFS is an open platform that was built from the ground up, allowing all applications access via an open API.”

For more information, please come by the Galleria Booth (# 3325) at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, being held Jan. 16-17, 2012, or visit www.galleria-rts.com.

About Galleria Retail Technology Solutions

Galleria is the leading provider of retail and category optimization solutions. With its comprehensive product suite, Galleria provides customer-focused solutions for clustering, automated assortment and space optimization supported by detailed analytics and reporting tools designed to meet the needs of retailers and CPG vendors and manufacturers. The net result is that users realize significant benefits including: increased sales, enhanced margins, reduced waste/mark-down and accelerated inventory turns. Galleria’s flexible solutions can be hosted by Galleria and/or operated as both desktop and integrated solutions. Galleria currently works with many of the world’s leading retailers including Asda, Giant Eagle, Morrisons, MVideo and One Stop. For more information about Galleria, visit www.galleria-rts.com or dial 1-866-899-0852.


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