A web site for foodies extends into e-commerce

Cooking.com provides e-commerce services for TheDailyMeal.com, a food news site.

Allison Enright

Cooking.com adds one more e-retail site to the menu of food-focused e-retail sites it runs on behalf of others with the launch of The Daily Meal Shop. TheDailyMeal.com, a news site about food and dining, launched early this year with the tagline “all things food and drink.” The web site says the new e-retail shop will help it pursue that mission.

TheDailyMeal.com, which has raised $8 million in capital in two funding rounds and is led by former Forbes.com CEO Jim Spanfeller, says it gets more than 2 million unique visitors per month. “Providing a comprehensive shopping experience to The Daily Meal audience is an excellent complement to the array of recipes and reviews offered on our site,” Spanfeller says. The Daily Meal Shop inventory includes more than 7,000 products, primarily kitchenware and specialty food products, the company says. Cooking.com designed and will run the e-retail shop for TheDailyMeal.com.

Cooking.com Inc., ranked No. 188 in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide for sales generated on Cooking.com, also operates e-retail sites for celebrity chefs Paula Deen and Rachael Ray. It also operates other food and housewares-focused sites including the Food Network Store, Calphalon Store, Betty Crocker Store and Marley Coffee. Cooking.com previously operated StarbucksStore.com for Starbucks Corp., but the coffee retailer ended that relationship earlier this year and brought more of its e-retail operations in-house.


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