A broader mission

Better World Books uses its site design to share its story.

Zak Stambor

At the top of BetterWorldBooks.com tickers track the number of books the retailer has donated, the amount it has raised for literacy-related causes and the number of books it has helped become “reused.”  The tickers tell the story of Better World books, a for-profit venture that collects and sells new and used books online, says John Ujda, the retailer’s vice president of marketing. However, the site isn’t just about that mission; it is also about offering a fun shopping experience. That’s clear from promotions such as “Shop from Work Week,” which encouraged office drones to shop at the office. The retailer sought to keep workers from incurring the boss’s wrath while they shopped by featuring a Boss Button, that, when clicked, immediately changed the screen to show a data-filled spreadsheet.


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