Just what she wants

Visitors to Gemvara.com make it personal.

Allison Enright

Gemvara.com, a web-only e-retailer of customized jewelry, is finding success by letting the customer imagine and build the product she wants. Consumers who visit Gemvara.com can design their own jewelry starting from the type of metal used to the gemstones set, and a home page appeal encourages them to “make it personal.” Merchandising tools the e-retailer built in-house let customers see an instant rendering of their design, and a recommendation tool suggests more designs that follow their preferences. The site prominently displays its toll-free number and encourages shoppers to call, live chat or e-mail with customer service agents about their design. “We want to provide them with exactly what they’re looking for and spend our time on developing ways to deliver that,” CEO Matt Lauzon says.


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