Inside view

ScotteVest Inc. is designed to show the products off its pocket-filled clothing to full advantage.

Stefany Zaroban

ScotteVest Inc. sells clothing with lots of pockets for storing all the items travelers carry. And ScotteVest.com is designed to show the products off to full advantage. Alternative product images include an exterior map of where pockets and other features are located on a vest, shirt or jacket, and also a homegrown “X-ray view” that shows what the garment looks like from the inside, loaded with a water bottle, mobile phone, iPad, passport, camera and other items. ScotteVest is aggressively marketing itself with full-page ads in the New York Times, daily tweets, YouTube videos, Facebook contests and fan photos blanketing its site. Aiming to grow, founder Scott Jordan recently hired as head of e-commerce Rick D’Ambrosio, who formerly held the same post at memory products retailer Crucial.com.


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