A security seal helps boost an allergy-relief retailer’s traffic

Allergy Cosmos says that the VeriSign Trust Seal reassures consumers the site is safe.

Zak Stambor

When U.K.-based online-only retailer Allergy Cosmos launched last year it knew that, with little name recognition, it had to reassure consumers that the site was a secure place to shop for products to combat allergies and asthma. “We knew that gaining and retaining visitors’ trust was essential,” says Christian Lickfett, the retailer’s managing director.

To reassure shoppers that the data they entered on the site would be secure, the retailer decided to use a security seal. It settled on VeriSign because it figured the seal was instantly recognizable. “The VeriSign seal is used by so many businesses that we were sure our visitors would have seen it before,” Lickfett  says.

Beyond VeriSign’s reputation, the verification was quick and adding it to the site was easy, he says.

In the 60 days after adding the seal to its site, a period in which the retailer made a slew of improvements to the site, Allergy Cosmos’ traffic increased nearly 10-fold compared to the 60 days before adding the seal. “You can do everything right on your web site—from design to navigation—but it won’t matter unless you can show that your site can be trusted,” he says. The seal is a clear way to communicate that the site is legitimate. “It gives them the extra confidence they need to spend a little longer exploring our products.”

That trust will prove important, he says, as the retailer expands into new markets outside the United Kingdom into new markets where it, once again, will lack instant name recognition.


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