BlurbIQ Launches Cross-Platform Interactive Video Ad Units

With game mechanics, blurbIQ inserts questions as video streams creating an unobtrusive game environment for the consumer to interactive with the video messaging.


San Jose (October 17, 2011) blurbIQ Inc., whose patent pending interactive video advertising platform allows advertisers and publishers to use game mechanics to drive consumers to interact with their video messaging to remember brands at the point of purchase, today announced the launch of its cross platform interactive video ad units. Brands can now deploy and measure their interactive video campaign’s messaging across the digital marketing spectrum - from online pre-roll and in-banner units, to mobile, tablets, social media, and interactive TV - with one technology provider.

With game mechanics, blurbIQ inserts questions as video streams creating an unobtrusive game environment for the consumer to interactive with the video messaging. With its new cross-platform interactive video ad units, blurbIQ can create and execute video campaigns on any platform within 48 hours. As a result consumers pay closer attention to brand messages producing effect, cost efficient results. For example, after a 30 day cross platform interactive video campaign, a leading online financial company saw video completion rates as high as 81%, interaction rates of 38%, a click through rate of 5.86% and most importantly, achieved a 428% reduction in their cost per acquisition.

“Consumers want to be entertained instead of being annoyed by advertising. blurbIQ turns ordinary video into interactive video that engages, entertains, and educates like never before. We drive consumers to interact with and understand the messaging of the video," says Scott Reese, CEO of blurbIQ Inc. “When consumers remember your brand at the point of purchase, they will buy your products.”

Advertisers and publishers are also able to serve blurbIQ’s interactive video in-stream as blurbIQ is fully compliant with VAST/VPAID standards developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

“We have always operated under the premise that advertisers must be able to deliver their interactive video content wherever they want easily and quickly,” adds Mr. Reese, CEO of blurbIQ Inc. “Over the last few months our team has built out the necessary tools to allow for a one stop shop environment.”

Leading brands, agencies, ad networks, and publishers can now leverage the blurbIQ Interactive Video Advertising Platform as part of the company’s engagement, brand messaging measurement, and ad retention strategy. With quick time analytics dashboards, dynamic insertion of brand questions within video, brand rankings to encourage replay and sharing, brands are truly able to measure video campaign performance that ensures return on advertising spend are maximized.

blurbIQ (http://www.blurbiq.com ) is the leader in interactive gamification of video across the digital marketing spectrum. The patent pending technology overlays video with brand and trivia questions as the video streams. blurbIQ turns video commercials into interactive "games" that dramatically increases viewer engagements, video completion rates, and ad retention. These interactive video units are distributed as pre-roll, in banner, mobile, tablet, and social media advertising units. blurbIQ provides quick time analytics dashboards so brands can measure every interaction with their video content like never before. Since launching in July of 2010 blurbIQ has acquired key accounts such as E*Trade, Duracell, Church & Dwight and General Motors.


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