Geeks.com will push its m-commerce site for the holidays

The e-retailer wants consumers to think geek when they’re rushing around.

Bill Siwicki

The holiday season screams mobile commerce, according to Computer Geeks, also known as Geeks.com. That is why the computers and accessories e-retailer is preparing to give its m-commerce site a big marketing push, so that shoppers still unaware of its nine-month-old mobile site will know they have a personal shopping assistant in their pocket when on the go during the hectic months of November and December, says Chris Herzog, vice president of e-commerce development at Computer Geeks, No. 244 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

“People are extra busy running around doing things during the holiday season; consequently, the holiday season lends itself to the mobile channel,” Herzog says. “In November we’ll start promoting the m-commerce site on the e-commerce site, giving it prominent placement there, as well as through our promotional e-mails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter. The message will primarily be about how customers are on the go, in a hurry, traveling, so they can use the site to search for products and hot deals.”

Mobile business is booming at Geeks.com. Internet Retailer projects the e-retailer’s m-commerce site will generate $934,000 in sales this year. 14% of its total traffic comes from mobile devices, up from 10% just six months ago, the merchant reports. And 20% of the marketing e-mails it routinely sends are opened on mobile devices.

Geeks.com employed mobile commerce technology vendor mShopper to build the m-commerce site. Consumers who type in the standard URL Geeks.com on a mobile device are automatically redirected to the mobile site. The e-retailer launched the site in December 2010. Products sold through the m-commerce site skew mobile themselves, such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones and cellular accessories.

Geeks.com gives most of its home page real estate to an automatic left-to-right scroll of the day’s hot deals. It’s a feature the merchant says has worked well in e-commerce and that it lends itself to mobile commerce, where consumers like to stay on top of daily deals. While Herzog declines to reveal exact sales numbers, he says the hot deals section of the mobile home page is a solid strategy. “The hot deals/daily deals feature has worked out very well for us,” he says.

Herzog says mobile commerce today harkens back to the earliest days of Internet retailing.

“It feels like E-commerce 2.0,” he says. “We’ve been selling online since 1996; we were there at the birth of e-commerce. Mobile commerce today feels a lot like that, making it up as we go. We have some lessons to draw on from previous e-commerce experiences, but there are a lot of things that remain to be seen, so we’re testing the waters and seeing where to go.”


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