CorFireTM Announces Branded Suite of Mobile Technology Products

Scalable product suite enables the Mobile Lifestyle


ATLANTA - July 19, 2011 - CorFire, the leading innovator and global pioneer of mobile commerce solutions, announced today a branded suite of technology products that provides mobile commerce innovators with superior quality and enhanced capabilities. CorFire's branded products include CorTrustTM, its Trusted Service Manager (TSM); CorPayTM, a robust mobile wallet platform; and Cor360TM, a set of mobile marketing services that includes location-enabled offers, gifting, and loyalty services.

"Our branded product suite is developed from technology proven to enable mobile commerce, "stated Kevin Zhu, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Technology Development. "Our CorTrust, CorPay, and Cor360 products allow businesses to deploy mobile commerce services today, using NFC-enabled technology, bridge technology for non-NFC-based transactions, or a combination of both," he added.

Dr. Jun Hong, CTO of CorFire, commented, "Drawing from years of experience in deploying mobile commerce in Korea, our U.S. research and development team has developed these products to scale and optimize to the specific technical requirements of each customer's unique application. We are committed to working with our North American customers and partners to deliver a solution that meets their specific requirements and deliver their desired consumer-facing offering."

CorTrustTM - a TSM designed for security

CorFire's CorTrust is a standards compliant, enterprise-grade, service platform that delivers credentials securely to the mobile device. CorTrust plays a critical role in the mobile commerce value chain. For example, CorTrust enables financial institutions to issue credit card and debit cards securely to the mobile device. Other service providers will use CorTrust to issue or deliver open/closed loop gift cards, private label cards, and value-based rewards. The CorTrust solution benefits from CorFire's expertise in Near Field Communication (NFC), mobile Over the Air (OTA), and smart card security and management, as well as a host of other must-have capabilities to ensure mobile data security.

CorPayTM - a wallet platform

CorFire's CorPay solution is a single, intelligent mobile wallet platform that essentially virtualizes current wallet functions so that consumers no longer have to carry a physical wallet-just their smart phone with the CorPay application installed and configured. CorPay allows consumers to use their mobile devices to pay for goods and services while on the go, in a clean, quick, intuitive, and convenient manner. With an NFC-enabled mobile device, a consumer can wave and pay at POS. For businesses, CorPay is a flexible platform that can be customized and branded so they can expand their customer reach and provide an improved user experience while providing ironclad, secure-transactions via the mobile channel.

Cor360TM - a mobile marketing platform

Cor360 is a mobile marketing platform designed with the consumer's needs in mind. Cor360 helps businesses extend their brand and content to a highly targeted and engaged audience. With Cor360, businesses can empower their customers to send gifts, receive relevant offers, and reward them for their loyalty by leveraging innovations in mobile technology and social networking. Cor360 enables multi-channel mobile marketing via Mobile App., Mobile Web, WAP, SMS/MMS, and Email. The Cor360 platform seamlessly integrates with CorPay and CorTrust as well as other 3rd party mobile applications to deliver a truly unique experience on the mobile device. Cor360 supports NFC technology in addition to 1D or 2D barcode technology.

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About CorFire

CorFire, the mobile commerce business of SK C&C USA, is headquartered in Atlanta with a second office in San Francisco. Poised to lead the mobile lifestyle revolution, CorFire offers mobile technology platforms to financial institutions, mobile network operators (MNOs), payment processors, card issuers, retailers, and other technology innovators that enable delivery of mobile commerce to the mobile phone today. Its three core technology offerings include CorTrust, its Trusted Services Manager (TSM) platform; CorPay, a robust mobile wallet platform; and Cor360, a state-of-the-art suite of mobile marketing services.

SK C&C USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of SK C&C Co., Ltd., a leading global payments technology provider and systems integration company. For more information about our mobile commerce business, please visit www.corfire.com.

CorFire, CorTrust, CorPay, and Cor360 are trademarks of SK C&C USA in the U.S. and other countries.

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