TagMan Accelerates the Global Battle Against Slow Sites

Newest TagMan Platform Features Industry’s First Smart Tag Loading to Optimize Website Performance and Increase Conversions.


New York, NY – July 18, 2011 – TagMan, the global leader in tag management, announced today the immediate availability of TagMan 3 with new Smart Tag Loading capabilities to dramatically improve website performance.

TagMan’s new Smart Tag Loading is the first of its kind to address tag storage and loading issues that often cause slower loading web pages, providing substantially accelerated website performance.

The new Smart Tag Loading features are particularly important for ecommerce, where every second counts. Research by Forrester shows that online shoppers are incredibly impatient, with 40% abandoning sites after waiting a mere three seconds. Even a one second delay can cost millions in lost revenue, according to Aberdeen Group.

Recognizing this, online retailers have been actively seeking new ways to accelerate site performance, but until now have been unable to appropriately address issues with third party tags. 

“We chose TagMan as our global tag management provider because site performance and flexibility really matter to us,” noted William Beckler, Marketing Analytics Manager for Travelocity. “The tag acceleration promise is certainly compelling and we look forwarded to seeing how we can leverage these new techniques, along with the other new TagMan 3 features, across our global properties.”

The issues with slow site performance are highlighted in the results of a recent survey conducted by TagMan, which shows that 81% of respondents are concerned or very concerned about page load times, while 60% say they’ve taken some steps to improve site speed but feel they could do more. Additionally, nearly three-quarters (71%) are aware that optimization of third party marketing pixels/tags can hasten page load times, while 35% have actually reduced or removed tags to improve site performance. (See separate press release titled “Ecommerce Page Speed Survey Reveals Most Site Owners are Concerned about Page Load Times; 35% Remove Third Party Tags to Improve Performance”, 7/18/11.)

TagMan 3: Revolutionizing how tags load

Tags, or pixels, are tiny bits of code that marketers use to track performance of their online campaigns. Most ecommerce sites incorporate five to seven tags per page with each tag taking up to ¼ of a second to load. As a result, tags can easily add 1.5 seconds to the load time, costing a 10% loss in potential sales.

TagMan 3 incorporates revolutionary script load techniques, for the first time giving online retailers complete control over how tags are loaded to deliver faster loading page times. TagMan 3 features include:

“Our v3 platform addresses a clear market need that is top of mind for every internet retailer in America. Nobody has been able to address this fully until now,” said Paul Cook, CEO and Founder of TagMan. “We have completely rethought how we load scripts based on extensive research and over four years of experience deploying over 180 technologies across our global client-base. Better data collection and faster loading websites is the new paradigm for Tag Management.”

TagMan 3 is available immediately. For more information about Smart Tag Loading visit www.tagman.com/index/smart-tag-loading.html.

About TagMan

TagMan is the global leader in tag management, with the industry's most mature and proven platform for the enterprise. Since launching the first, independent tag management platform in 2007, TagMan has been helping over 100 customers solve tagging, site performance and attribution-related challenges. With over 180 vendor tags currently implemented, the award-winning TagMan platform provides customers complete agility in managing existing partners and working with new technologies without the burden of costly implementation projects and resources. Continuing to lead the market in innovation, TagMan is the only enterprise-level tag management platform with robust solutions for improving site performance, optimizing data collection and addressing privacy at a global level. Learn more how customers like Ancestry.com, Virgin Atlantic, Subaru and others are seeing significant ROI from using TagMan, at www.tagman.com.