Web sales grow 20% in fiscal 2010 for French retailer Cafom

The Internet accounted for 21% of all revenue.

Mark Brohan

Cafom SA, a multichannel retailer of general merchandise headquartered in France, is reporting a healthy increase in web sales for fiscal 2010.

In its recently released year-end earnings statement, Cafom, No.162 in the Internet Retailer Top 300 Europe, reported:

Internet Retailer calculates the web accounted for 21.2% of sales in fiscal 2010 compared with 18.4% in 2009.

Cafom, which operates a network of nine stores and carries an inventory of furniture, home appliances, personal electronics, musical instruments and other products, is expected to open a new fulfillment hub near Normandy this summer. “It is undergoing a gradual ramp-up,” says Cafom. “With this new base, we have a powerful tool capable of supporting European development.”


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