SortPrice Unveils Store Application 2.0 Built on Facebook Platform

Version 2.0 coincides with Facebook’s recent coding change from FBML to IFrames.


NEW YORK—Already an established and trusted leader in helping retailers effectively expand their reach to Facebook Platform, comparison search engine SortPrice.com today rolled out an updated version of its Store Application for Facebook that adds even more features to a tool that is already used by more than 1,500 merchants nationwide.

SortPrice’s Store Application 2.0 takes all of the great features that have helped it become one of the industry’s most popular and successful ‘F-commerce’ resources and adds a host of new customization options that can take a retailer’s Facebook presence to a whole new level.  What’s more, since the application is still a free add-on for any retailer that lists products on SortPrice.com, it’s also the most cost-effective resource out there.

“At this point, selling on Facebook has evolved from an option to a must for any retailer that’s serious about the success of their business,” said Asaf Klibansky, SortPrice.com co-founder and CTO.  “Version 2.0 reflects that shift in priorities and gives a retailer even more ways to build a comprehensive, interactive Facebook store that will not just increase traffic and interaction but deliver actual sales as well.”

The host of customization choices that SortPrice added to Version 2.0 is designed to help retailers build a Facebook presence that is more consistent with their existing websites.  These enhancements, all accessible through the application’s merchant management console, give a merchant the ability to:



Also new to the application is a feature that allows merchants to list two products from their Facebook store side-by-side and solicit feedback from their followers on which one they prefer or would rather buy, bringing all the fun of traditional comparison shopping right to a merchant’s Facebook Page.  The application now also features a dedicated section where retailers can spotlight their most popular products, which is ideal for special sales and promotions.

Version 2.0 also coincides with Facebook’s recent coding change from FBML to IFrames, which makes the site’s Like buttons more universal than ever.  Along with faster page loads and a smoother overall experience, merchants will be able to see just how many Likes they’re getting on both their Facebook store and their website as well, making it easier to track how people are interacting with their listings and products.

Since introducing the original Merchant Application in October 2008, SortPrice.com has built Facebook stores for more than 1500 national retailers of every and those merchants collectively posted more than $3.78 billion worth of merchandise on their Facebook stores in 2010.  For a full list of SortPrice’s retail partners and more information on Version 2.0, please contact us.

SortPrice.com, founded in 2004, has grown into one of the internet’s most popular shopping search engines.  With advanced search technology and a simple interface, the site features millions of products from thousands of merchants nationwide.  Learn more at: www.sortprice.com.


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