Businesses say rich media helps lure shoppers

39% of merchants say that offering multimedia product viewing options is ‘very effective.’

Zak Stambor

When web marketers were asked in a new survey what marketing techniques were most effective at luring consumers more noted multimedia product viewing, which includes 360-degree product image spin, video and Flash, than any other technique.

The Adobe Systems Inc. report, “Adobe Scene7 2011 Survey: Digital Marketing in the Next Decade,” found that 39% of marketers said multimedia product viewing was “very effective.” That result marked the third year in a row that a rich media-related method topped the list.

Other techniques cited included videos for merchandising, advertising and demonstrations (36%); mobile product information (36%); product tours, which includes guided spin, zoom imagery and animations with copy (34%); and mobile inventory status (34%).

The report also found that as web marketers dive deeper into rich media, more are turning to the online reinvention of two traditional offline marketing vehicles—catalogs and brochures—than any other online merchandising project this year. 27% of the respondents surveyed by the rich media technology vendor said they plan to put catalogs and brochures online this year.

Other areas respondents are seeking to focus on include multimedia product viewing (23%), animation (22%), quick looks and rollover views (21%), mobile-optimized web sites (21%), alternative images (20% and 3-D visualization (20%).

Adding quick looks and rollover views had the largest year-over-year growth (13%) among planned initiatives. 

9% of the 1,941 respondents were retailers. Consumer products manufacturers, agencies, media companies and business services were among the other businesses represented.


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