Is Your Mobile Website the Boss of You?

Keynote’s Advanced Mobile Monitoring Puts You Back in Control


SAN MATEO, CALIF., MAY 24, 2010 – Keynote ® Systems (NASDAQ: KEYN), the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring, today announced breakthrough capabilities for accurately monitoring and testing the download speed and content quality of rich websites as experienced by users of the latest smartphones and tablets on the market. Keynote has added support for JavaScript object properties to both its mobile testing product, Keynote MITE (Mobile Internet Testing Environment™), and its mobile performance monitoring product, Mobile Web Perspective® (MWP). Adding JavaScript object property support to both products along with their existing use of a real WebKit browser engine make them the most powerful combination of tools available today for accurately monitoring and testing mobile content quality from the end user perspective. Other products, such as user agent switcher plug-ins for browsers, do not offer support for JavaScript object properties and therefore are unable to accurately render how today’s advanced mobile websites look on smartphones from the end user perspective. Keynote’s enhanced mobile monitoring solutions significantly advance the state-of-the-art technology for real-time 24/7 mobile website quality monitoring and testing and underscore the company’s position as the mobile and Internet performance authority.

When MITE 2 was released in November 2010 it was the first real-time desktop tool for the automated testing of mobile websites on the most popular smartphones on the market. MITE also became the self-scripting platform for MWP, Keynote’s solution for continuously monitoring the speed, availability, and quality of mobile websites from an extensive library of emulated mobile devices.

“Since the launch of MITE we have listened closely to the feedback of users to meet the fast-paced and increasing demands of the mobile performance market. We have added many advanced features, streamlined and refined the user interface and expanded the MITE and MWP library of devices to include the latest smartphones and tablets,” said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote.

Mr. Chaudhary continued, “Today’s advanced mobile websites rely on a smartphone’s ability to understand how to interpret, fetch and render content for a specific smartphone. We’re making sure mobile teams are not caught flatfooted by providing the industry’s most advanced tools for testing and monitoring mobile content.”

More on Features & Enhancements

The latest version of Keynote Mobile Web Perspective introduces a new, cost-effective way for customers to select the speed of the mobile network they wish to monitor on. With enhanced bandwidth simulation, customers can choose to monitor mobile sites over 2G, 3G or 4G. This enables performance analysts and Web operations teams to accurately measure the user experience of file downloads from a mobile phone. Use case examples include downloading applications, documents, software updates, music, and more, which are common functions in app stores, enterprises and entertainment sites. Users simply specify a mobile network speed they wish to emulate and MWP throttles the connection speed appropriately to provide an accurate view of how users of a mobile website will experience downloads and uploads. Users can learn very quickly if connection speeds or file sizes and types are causing network and file transfer problems. And MWP also continues to offer over the air (OTA) monitoring on live mobile operator networks for customers.

MITE and MWP support the industry’s leading device library including the latest models such as: Apple iPhone 4, Nokia N8, Motorola Droid Pro, Samsung Focus, Samsung Epic 4G, Palm Pre Plus and the HTC Incredible. They also support popular tablets such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy in the continually expanding tablet library.

With the continued proliferation of newer and more powerful smartphones, developers, Web operations teams and QA testers are increasingly challenged to create and test Web content to ensure its continuous availability on devices with varying capabilities, form factors and screen sizes. Before MITE, these constituencies were limited to repurposed browser plug-ins, expensive rental options or maintaining their own mobile device libraries. The value of the latest enhancements to Keynote MITE extends far beyond just providing the most comprehensive number of device profiles. MITE also provides diagnostics that give users a detailed understanding of what is happening behind the scenes. For each page tested, MITE provides download times, redirects, over-sized objects, broken links, supported MIME types, syntax errors, compliance with W3C mobile best practices and much more. With MITE users can navigate their website and check links from the convenience of a single desktop application.

Continued Global Leadership in Mobile Testing and Monitoring

A growing and thriving mobile ecosystem needs testing and monitoring tools to ensure a high quality end-user experience. Keynote and its subsidiary Keynote SIGOS provide customers with the ability to test and monitor mobile performance on over 450 mobile networks across more than 135 countries. Keynote’s global network is comprised of real and emulated mobile devices, user-provided SIMs and wireless modems, providing an unparalleled and customizable view into the performance of operator networks, mobile content, applications and services.

Pricing and Availability of Keynote MITE and MWP

MITE is available for free download at http://mite.keynote.com. To gain the full benefit of MITE users can upgrade to MITE Pro for an annual user license of USD $5,000.00. MWP is available for as little as USD $125/per month.

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About Keynote

Keynote Systems (NASDAQ: "KEYN") is the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring. We provide companies with solutions for continuously improving the online experience. Founded in 1995, Keynote delivers testing, monitoring and measurement products and services for any enterprise including online portals, e-commerce sites, B2B sites, mobile operators and mobile infrastructure providers. Keynote products and services help companies improve customer experience in four areas: Web performance, mobile quality, streaming and real user experience testing.

Known as The Mobile and Internet Performance Authority™, Keynote has a market-leading on-demand infrastructure of over 3,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 275 locations around the world. Keynote's 2,800 customers represent top Internet and mobile companies including American Express, AT&T, Disney, eBay, E*TRADE, Expedia, Google, Microsoft, SonyEricsson, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Keynote Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Mateo, California and can be reached at www.keynote.com or by phone in the U.S. at 1-800-KEYNOTE.


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