LifePics Integrates with WidePhotoViewer, an iPhone and iPad Photo App with Easy Photo Ordering Through the LifePics Network

LifePics today announced its integration with the latest version of the WidePhotoViewer iPhone and iPad app, which allows users to order photos downloaded from Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, and Dropbox to retailers and photofinishers in the LifePics Network.


May 16th, 2011, BOULDER, Colo. -- LifePics today announced its integration with the latest version of the WidePhotoViewer iPhone and iPad app, which allows users to order photos downloaded from Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, and Dropbox to retailers and photofinishers in the LifePics Network. Users can also order photos from the device library and existing LifePics online photo accounts. The app was created by an independent developer through the LifePics OPEN Program, a public API program that lets third party developers send orders to LifePics retailers through various apps and software integrations. This latest version of the WidePhotoViewer app is the first version that includes the ability to order photos.

"Our OPEN Program is based around openness and variety amongst all apps and partners that connect to us, and the WidePhotoViewer app seemed like a perfect fit because of its uniqueness and diversity," said Vahe Christianian, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at LifePics. "We released our first iPhone and iPad photo ordering app last year, and we expect ordering through mobile apps to be a significant source of revenue for the industry, so we are happy to integrate with additional apps that offer different services or features than our original iPhone photo ordering app. The WidePhotoViewer app is great because it allows users to order their photos from many popular photo tools and social networking profiles, and pick those orders up at any retail store in our network. Our focus is to send orders to our retailers from anywhere digital photos are stored and shared, and this app does exactly that."

"I was excited to hear about the LifePics OPEN program, as I wanted to add the ability to order prints into my app, but was not able to until I integrated the app with the LifePics Network," said Marc Rochkind, Developer of the WidePhotoViewer app. "The LifePics API was incredibly easy to use, and my app was sending orders to LifePics retailers within a few days of becoming a LifePics OPEN partner, paving the way to a new revenue stream for both me and for LifePics retailers. This is the only app that sends retailers photo orders from Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, Dropbox, LifePics, and their device's library, all from one single source."

WidePhotoViewer app users can easily access photos from all accounts and services the app connects to, and quickly order those photos to any retailer in the LifePics Network. The app allows users to order prints from wallet size to 11x14, and pick up the orders at their local store, often within an hour. LifePics is currently connected to over 13,000 retailers and photofinishers worldwide that can receive and print orders from the WidePhotoViewer app.

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About LifePics

LifePics is the market leader in turning images into transactions by connecting billions of consumers' digital images to more fulfillment options than any other service on the Internet. Using LifePics' technology, photofinishers and professional photographers are able to accept online photo orders from consumers, and route orders to any fulfillment lab. LifePics drives orders to retailers and professional photographers through a variety of partners and sources, and gives consumers an enjoyable, easy-to-use ordering interface. In addition, LifePics is the most open solution on the web; the service integrates with almost every photo printer and photo lab, and connects to specialized wholesalers to complement in-house offerings. LifePics works as your partner by providing services and industry expertise that go above and beyond what any other online imaging company offers.

LifePics drives more orders through more sources than any other online photo service. In 2010, LifePics launched its OPEN program, allowing third party app developers and affiliate web sites to link into the LifePics Retail Network, sending users, images, and orders to LifePics retailers from all over the Internet. LifePics also provides customers with a fun, user-friendly online experience to drive orders. Consumers can order thousands of products, including prints, photo books, personalized greeting cards, photo calendars, enlargements, gifts like photo mugs and mouse pads, and much more, all through a retail-branded, customizable web site.

The LifePics technology platform is an open solution that connects to virtually every printer, lab, and internal system, allowing retailers to customize their online order workflow into the format that works best for each retailer. Orders can be sent directly to stores for 1-hour service, or routed to major wholesalers, gift providers, photo book manufacturers, and an assortment of other service providers. The technology revolves around LifePics' custom client-based software tool, LabCenter, which operates at retail stores and offers superior integration between retail online ordering sites and photofinishing labs of all sizes and quantities.

As your partner, LifePics provide a new revenue stream in the fastest growing segment of the photo industry -- online-to-retail -- and offering expert services that no other solution provides: Live Help, 364 days a year; free, unlimited photo storage for consumers; custom email marketing campaigns; LifeSync, a photo syncing and backup tool; a commission-based revenue structure; and much more.

LifePics' customers include some of the industry's best brands in each of the following categories: mass merchants, large photo retail chains, food and drug chains, local camera shops, and independent photofinishers. The LifePics service is available at more than 13,000 retail stores across North America, Australia, and Africa.

For more information, visit LifePics at www.LifePics.com.


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