Practicon Dental Selects RedPrairie’s Ecometry Commerce Suite

Catalog and online retailer automates operations as a core component of its multichannel strategy.


ATLANTA - RedPrairie Corporation, a productivity solutions provider, announced today that Practicon Inc. has selected RedPrairie’s Ecometry Commerce Suite to replace its existing system and further automate operations across multiple sales channels.

Located in Greenville, North Carolina, Practicon is a leading catalog and online retailer of products and services to dental offices.“With our ongoing focus on providing superior service and efficiency, the selection of the Ecometry Commerce Suite supports our multi-channel efforts around service consistency and strengthening our overall business processes,” said Scott Griffin, President of Practicon.

“The new platform provides us with greater flexibility, visibility and stability by using a proven infrastructure with stronger round the clock support, availability and management.”Practicon will implement core Ecometry functionality along with Standing Order, Assembly and Contact Relationship Management throughout the company’s multi-channel operations. “A multichannel retail strategy is no longer a luxury but an essential business requirement requiring flexibility within the growing complexities of today’s supply chain,” said RedPrairie CEO Mike Mayoras. “We look forward to working with innovative organizations like Practicon and providing solutions that enable a competitive advantage in those kinds of environments.”


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Practicon Dental, RedPrairie